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Bright outlook for a new impact fund on the fixed-income side

ESG continues to be a leading topic of increasing relevance. Jonne Sandström, Portfolio Manager at Aktia, presents the new UI-Aktia Sustainable Corporate Bond Fund (ISIN: LU2459309501), which invests in sustainable corporate bonds under its SFDR Article 9 classification. This unique impact fund focuses on bonds that finance sustainable projects which aim to make a positive ESG contribution.

In this ChampionsCall, Jonne Sandström also discusses both past and future trends in green bonds.


Montrusco Bolton

Navigating style impact through shifting environments

With rapid shifts in market forecasts, equity investment styles have produced exceptional impacts on excess return. In this ChampionsCall Jean David Meloche, Head of Global Equities and Robert Hiscock, Assistant Portfolio Manager, EAFE Equities, both Montrusco Bolton, will explain how alpha generation in the top decile has been maintained through COVID-fueled drops and rebounds in reflationary environments.

As portfolio manager of the UI I Montrusco Bolton Global Equity Fund I A, they will demonstrate how the team have successfully navigated these changes through the benefits of a high active share, a process that captures a strong selection effect and a proactive risk management framework.



Emerging markets debt: navigating the storm

Emerging market bonds have reacted sensitively to recent geopolitical events such as the war in Ukraine, both local and hard currency. The freezing of foreign assets and the country’s exclusion from international capital markets may have pushed Russia to the brink of insolvency. In addition, global inflation is climbing and a number of central banks are already tightening their monetary policy. In this ChampionsCall, John S. Gray, Portfolio Manager of the UI I - LGIM EM Absolute Return Bond Fund, discusses the extent to which these developments have already been priced into the risk premiums of emerging market bonds as well as the sectors in which buying opportunities can still be found and why it is crucial to be flexible in this tense environment.


Absalon Capital

Why underweighting the US high yield market could be a good idea

In order to outperform in the global high yield markets, investors must be prepared to rethink their approach. Absalon Capital has been managing credit funds since 2006, with a focus on the size of the opportunity rather than their index weighting. In this UI-ChampionsCall , Klaus Blaabjerg, Chief Portfolio Manager of the Danish credit specialist, explains Absalon’s recent move to significantly reduce its US exposure.

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