ChampionsCall with Absalon Capital

Start: 30.11.2021

ChampionsCall with Absalon Capital

DateStart: 30.11.2021 - End: 30.11.2021
LocationWebinar / Universal-Investment


In order to outperform in the global high-yield markets, investors must be prepared to rethink their approach. Absalon Capital has been managing credit funds since 2006, with a focus on  the size of the opportunity rather than their index weighting. In this UI-ChampionsCall, Klaus Blaabjerg, Chief Portfolio Manager of the Danish credit specialist, explains Absalon’s recent move to significantly reduce its US exposure.

For once investors view the credit markets through a "value lens" rather than through index weightings, the opportunity set looks completely different. Unlike the main global high-yield indices, Absalon is not convinced that the US high-yield market currently offers more than 50 per cent of the best investment opportunities. At present, they believe there is better value elsewhere.

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