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Proof of quality for outstanding fund concepts

Author: Mathias Wilhelm, Universal-Investment

Testing the quality of fund concepts as early as the launch process or using standardised analysis and fund ratings to improve understanding of the product - this strengthens investor confidence and supports successful marketing of the funds. Through the exclusive cooperation between Universal-Investment and Scope Analysis, the leading European company for fund analysis and asset-manager evaluation, fund originators have direct and inexpensive access to the services on request. They provide an extra sales and marketing boost for new and established fund concepts.

Mathias Wilhelm, Head of Securities, Universal-Investment Photo: Manjit Jari Source: Universal-Investment

Scope Analysis gives fund initiators clear guidance by offering competitive analyses on request, assigning ratings for funds and teams, and monitoring funds. The exclusive new cooperation strengthens the comprehensive range of services from Universal-Investment, especially for fund initiators in the mutual fund business - and on preferential terms. “Scope Analysis helps test the quality of fund concepts as early as the launch process. Additional analyses and ratings provide fund initiators with the best possible support in sales,” explains Mathias Wilhelm, who, as Head of Securities, is responsible for Universal-Investment's product range in securities funds. For Wilhelm and Said Yakhloufi, managing director of Scope Analysis, the independence of both companies is an ideal basis for cooperation.

Fund initiators can choose from the new offer according to their individual needs. Competition analysis helps them to better classify their fund product in the market by assessing sales potential, while being able to use an initial independent assessment of the fund concept for marketing as well. The “Scope Fund Rating” analyses the fund management quality in terms of performance and risk criteria compared to the peer group. The assessment is based on the fund's history, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The “Scope Investment Team Rating” puts the investment team under the microscope - regardless of the investment vehicle - and supports the team in positioning them on the market. In addition, Scope Analysis offers fund monitoring with analysis of fund and market development during the life cycle of the fund.

Michael Schmidt, CIO of Lloyd Fonds: "The Scope-Analysis was an effective stimulus for our distribution." Source: Lloyd Fonds

A prestigious client, the asset manager Lloyd Fonds, is successfully using the new cooperation offer. "The professional, in-depth analysis of our company and Lloyd Fonds - European Hidden Champions through Scope Analysis was valuable feedback on our investment approach and an effective impetus for our sales," says Michael Schmidt, CIO of Lloyd Fonds. Scope Analysis first carried out a detailed competitor analysis for the fund, which showed the strengths and potential for improvement of the fund concept in comparison to the peer group. This was followed by a fund rating for the first time, with the fund being rated B from the start - making it one of the top funds.

(published March 2021) 

Author: Mathias Wilhelm, Universal-Investment
Date of issue: 6/2/2021