The growing interest in alternative assets strenghtens the attractiveness of Luxembourg as financial centre addiitonally. Photo: Sabinoparente Source:

Universal-Investment takes lead among Luxembourg's AIFM companies

As shown in a recent study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Universal-Investment ranks number one among Luxembourg-registered companies by assets under management. The trend towards alternative investments is accelerating this development.

Universal-Investment is the new leader among the Luxembourg-licensed management companies (AIFM ManCos) by assets under management. The “Observatory Management Companies Barometer 2017” of the consultancy PwC demonstrates that Universal-Investment‘s platform, which reached about EUR 21.6 billion in assets under management at the end of 2016, is outranking all its competitors. Compared to the previous year, assets under management (part II and SIF funds) grew by 39 percent, the number of funds increased by nine to 43 and the number of sub-funds by 28 to 67. PwC sees a trend towards the diversification of investment strategies in the alternative investment space – with special emphasis on infrastructure, private debt and private equity.

The resulting interest in alternative investments is also illustrated by the fact that the number of Luxembourg AIFM licences (220) exceeded the number of UCITS licences (201) for the first time ever in 2016 according to PwC. 20 new AIFM licences were issued last year alone. PwC‘s ManCo-Index, which measures the activity of Luxembourg-based management companies in terms of their number, headcount and assets under management, reached a new high in December 2016 (183.3 points). The PwC index has been compiled annually since 2010.

Universal-Investment is also successful in ManCo ranking

Universal-Investment is also a leader by assets under management among the so-called third-party ManCos that provide administration services for other investment companies such as SICAVs. Universal-Investment is the number two with EUR 25.9 billion in assets under management. Assets under management (part I, part II and SIF funds) grew by 25 percent compared to 2015. The number of funds could be increased by eight to 73, the number of sub-funds rose by 30 to 123.

Date of issue: 7/18/2017