Andreas Pusch, Oliver Berchtold and Christian Richter, founder of YUKKA Lab Photo: Robert Lehmann Source: YUKKA Lab

We’re working on the future: unbiased data in real-time

Author: Andreas Pusch, Yukka Lab

YUKKA Lab is working with Universal-Investment on a ESG sentiment analysis based on machine learning (ML). Information about the ESG conformity of companies is determined from high-quality online texts. Interview with Andreas Pusch, founder of YUKKA Lab.

universal spotlight: What does YUKKA Lab do exactly?

Andreas Pusch: Our role is to combat the information overload. Using augmented language intelligence and context-based sentiment analysis, our computer-based models detect trends in news articles and translate them into reliable data and actionable insights.

What makes YUKKA Lab stand out from other “ESG data suppliers”?

Our name stands for sentiment data of the highest quality. We draw on the daily analysis of more than half a million articles from over 150,000 online and media sources worldwide. We exclude data from social media as it can be unreliable due to the proliferation of fake news. We stay objective by analysing a wide range of publications. This reduces the risk of filter bubbles, the potential bias of analyst data and of greenwashing. A key advantage over traditional ESG scores is that we deliver changes in real time as opposed to data that is often six months old or more.

What do Universal-Investment clients get out the cooperation with YUKKA Lab?

We are currently in the test phase. Our goal is to offer an ESG screening of individual client portfolios that is seamlessly integrated into the Universal-Investment platform. So far this coupling of our data with specific portfolios is unique. Under the pilot project, we are testing Co2 portfolio scores live with selected clients. In the future, we plan to extend this to include environmental, social and governance scores.

(Published February 2021) 

Author: Andreas Pusch, Yukka Lab
Date of issue: 7/21/2021