Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

We take our responsibility seriously

As the largest independent investment company in the German-speaking world, we are conscious of our social responsibility. We regard our reputation and the trust of our customers as valuable assets. We want to drive innovation and change without losing sight of our values and our responsibility towards our environment. Our employees cultivate a culture of responsibility and individual accountability.

We are working at shaping our business activities to make them sustainable and valuable for the society in which we live and for our environment. By cooperating with acknowledged institutions, such as the German fund industry association BVI , we are also actively helping to define industry standards in the area of sustainability. We also want to give something back to the community and are committed to supporting Die Arche - Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e.V. (Christian Children and Young People’s Charity “The Arc”) in Frankfurt am Main.

Our commitment to sustainability consists of three areas:

For our clients

  • As fiduciary, we are committed to the investor.
  • We ensure that the capital and rights of our investors are dealt with responsibly. We have co-authored the BVI Code of Conduct and comply with the voluntary principles and regulations of the asset management industry.
  • We support sustainable investing, e.g. by using sustainability indices
  • We provide ESG reportings for the structuring of funds: with information on the portfolio's impact on the public good, our clients can more effectively achieve their specific ESG objectives with their investments.

For society and the environment

  • We enable our clients to examine potential business relationships on the basis of an internal black list and the Controversial Weapons Monitor: this database of ISS  has currently identified around 400 companies worldwide that are suspected of producing controversial weapons, such as cluster munition. In this way, we exclude cooperation with critical sectors from the very start.
  • We support two Frankfurt projects of the Children and Young People’s Charity “Die Arche e.V. " We also support our employees offering homework assistance during working hours.
  • Universal-Investment purposefully chose the ibc building complex at Theodor-Heuss-Allee 70 as its Frankfurt headquarters in 2014, a property that meets the internationally recognized LEED Gold Standard. The standards of this certification process guarantee a climate-friendly workplace in every respect. In 2018 the LEED Gold Standard was reconfirmed.
  • We provide our employees with free job tickets so that they can travel to work by public transport in an environmentally friendly way. Employees required to go on business trips are also given train cards and are encouraged by the relevant regulations to use trains rather than planes for their journeys.

For our employees

  • We promote the reconciliation of family and career, for example by participating in childcare costs or working closely with pme Familienservice which provides services in the areas of childcare, home care for the elderly or coaching for life situations.
  • We involve our colleagues in our employee development program for realizing professional and personal potentials.

Any suggestions on how we might more effectively fulfill our social responsibility are gratefully received: