Policy on Handling Complaints

The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. Therefore it is important for us to give you the opportunity to voice criticism. On this basis, Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “UI-Luxembourg”) has set up a complaints office. The aim of UI-Luxembourg’s complaints management system is to ensure the appropriate and timely processing of client complaints. Complaints can be sent to the management company either electronically or by post.
Electronically transmitted complaints can be sent to the address Beschwerdemanagement-ui-lux@universal-investment.com which is provided on UI Luxembourg’s website.

In the case of complaints by post, please use this address:

Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A.
Complaints Management
15, rue de Flaxweiler
L-6776 Grevenmacher

You can draft your complaint either in German or English. The processing of complaints is free of charge for investors.

Complaints Processing

Any complaints that we receive are captured by Complaints Management in an electronic system designed for recording complaints, into which the following information has to be entered:

The following steps are followed during complaints processing with reference to the captured information:

  • On receipt of the complaint, a letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint by UI-Luxembourg is generated and sent to the complainant. The letter of acknowledgement is generated promptly after receipt of the complaint.
  • The complaint that has been received is analysed and processed with the support of the specialist department concerned.
  • The response letter is sent within ten working days of acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint, depending on the complexity of the complaint.
  • Should the client complaint reveal a deficiency in the organisation, lessons learned measures are introduced and implemented.

The directors and the Compliance Department receive an extract from the electronic complaints processing system on a monthly basis for informational purposes. Furthermore, the Administrative Board is informed at regular intervals about the status of complaints that have been received.

The complaints that have been received are evaluated with regard to the rectification of recurring errors or problems in order to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty.

Nomination of the Office responsible for Complaints

UI-Luxembourg’s Complaints Office is responsible for processing complaints.


This policy is reviewed and published by UI-Luxembourg at regular intervals.