In 1968 Universal-Investment was founded as a joint venture of German private banks. Today, Universal-Investment is the largest independent investment company in the German-speaking region. In between we have been experiencing multiple successful milestones and pioneering achievements.


  • Universal-Investment acquires CAPinside  and establishes a one-stop sales platform.
  • According to the PwC Observatory Management Companies Barometer 2020, Universal-Investment is again one of the leading AIFMs and third-party ManCos in Luxembourg.


  • Universal-Investment acquires IT service provider UI labs from Lupus alpha and rounds off the service offering with front-office solutions.


  • First launch of a Loan Origination Fund
  • First Top position regarding Assets under Management (AuM) amongst all licensed AIFM and Third Party Mancos in Luxembourg according to PwC-report "Observatory Management Companies Barometer 2018":
    - Rank 1 as AIFM ManCo
    - Rank 1 as Third Party ManCo
  • Setup of the new Polish branch in Krakow


  • Montagu Private Equity acquires  shares in Universal-Investment that are owned by shareholders Berenberg and Bankhaus Lampe. Montagu PE continues to focus on Universal-Investment’s independence, successful business model and high growth dynamics.
  • Introduction of RisikoAnalyse+: Expansion of the PowerPortal to include risk analyses with ex-ante risk indicators.


  • Universal-Investment increases its focus on real assets and real estate: real estate platform in DE and L
  • Universal-Investment establishes the new department ‟Real Asset Managers” in order to provide fund initiators with the best possible advice on the launch of real asset funds.


  • Universal-Investment is one of the first investment management companies in Germany + Luxembourg to obtain an AIFM license, allowing it to also launch closed funds in future.


  • Introduction of PowerPortal: Webbased client portal provides access to extensive reportings.


  • Universal-Investment launches real estate platform to round off its offering.


  • Foundation of Universal Securitisation Solutions S.A. in Luxembourg.


  • Establishment of an Investment-AG.


  • Offering extended to include the Insourcing performance area.


  • Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A established.


  • Rule-based asset management becomes part of the business model.


  • First master fund launched.


  • Launch of the first private label fund in Germany.


  • Universal-Investment is founded as a joint venture and management company.