Implementation and responsibilities

Implementation and responsibilities 

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are already lived at the Universal-Investment Group and play an increasingly important role in our strategic positioning. This is also demonstrated by the fact that we have anchored the issue directly at our CEO.


Sustainability has also been structurally implemented in the company organization. Firstly, a Sustainability Officer had been appointed, whose role is to support the integration of sustainability in all areas of the company and communicate sustainability issues both internally and externally.

Secondly, an ESG Office has been established as a separate entity within the company under the leadership of the Sustainability Officer. The ESG Office has been set up as an interdisciplinary team, bringing together employees from different departments such as Communications, Legal, Risk, Sales and the Product and Operations divisions.

This approach enables the Universal-Investment Group to respond flexibly to the growing demands and to accompany the constant change with the newly created structure.

Robert Bluhm

Nachhaltigkeitsbeauftragter / Sustainability Officer


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