Our CSR projects in Krakow

Donations to students and schools

In challenging times and crises, most of us realize and appreciate how well we are doing when we see so many people desperate. Many of us feel the urge to help. This also applies to the employees of our Krakow branch. As a first step in the fight against the pandemic, UIP has decided to donate EUR 5,000 in June 2020 to help children in need.
As all schools in Poland were closed in mid-March 2020, pupils had to adapt to online teaching. However, not all children were equipped with computers that enabled them to continue their education. Our CSR working group in Krakow therefore decided to help the students of one of the schools and buy laptops. This ensured that they could continue learning from home. In addition, employees donated IT equipment, which was also handed over to the school.

"Universal Gives"

At the beginning of April 2020, our Krakow employees launched an internal initiative called "Universal Gives". The idea behind the program is to give our Polish colleagues the opportunity to think about their own CSR initiative, which is in line with our CSR strategy in Frankfurt/M., and to simply implement it with the financial and organizational support of the CSR working group committee. Following the call for the initiative in April, two ideas have already been submitted:

High School Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is currently in preparation and we already have two Krakow high schools that are willing to participate in the program. The holiday period in summer 2020 was devoted to structuring the plan, preparing materials and communication. The Krakow staff member has put together a group of seven volunteers who are willing to participate in the project, help prepare the programme and become mentors. The mentoring sessions with the students will be conducted online.

Internship for students of International School Krakow

Another CSR concept is all about organising a one-week internship for students of the Krakow International School. The idea is to invite the young student to our offices and to show them how we work and what we deal with in our everyday work. Due to the Corona pandemic, we are not yet sure if the programme can start in autumn.