Our projects in Frankfurt/Main

Our projects in Frankfurt/Main

Arche e.V. - Christian Children and Youth Work

Child poverty is an increasing topic in our society, which severely limits the educational and future opportunities of the children concerned.

"Die Arche e.V."  has set itself the goal to counteract this discrimination. The Arche branches are active at 20 locations in Germany and reach up to 4,000 children and young people.

In Frankfurt am Main, our company headquarters, there are now two Arche projects in the districts of Griesheim and Nordweststadt , where around 340 children are cared for every day. We support these two locations of Arche e.V. on the one hand with financial means, but also through the initiative of our employees, who are released for these times when they are active for Arche e.V.

In addition to monetary and material donations, our employees already support the Arche with their personal commitment in the following areas:

  • Homework help in the day care centre
  • Children's birthday parties
  • Christmas event including donations

The Arche e.V.

The Arche is especially committed to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The work began in 1995 in Berlin on the initiative of Pastor Bernd Siggelkow. It is now active at more than 20 locations in Germany and reaches up to 4,000 children and young people with its services.


Bernd Obergfell

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