Reporting – PerformanceAnalyse+


Given the large number of different asset managers that investors rely on these days, it is important to accurately identify the performance drivers. Investors also want to see which active investment decisions lead to outperformance or underperformance.

The PerformanceAnalyse+ tool in Universal-Investment’s PowerPortal serves these requirements. As well as providing investors with a detailed insight into the performance of their portfolio, it also offers an independent decision-making tool to assess your asset manager, to ensure they are well informed ahead of every investment committee meeting. Asset managers, in turn, have access to comprehensive evaluation options to analyse and manage their own portfolios.

Our service is based on a modular structure and answers typical questions on fund performance:

  • Performance contribution What is the contribution of asset classes, countries, sectors or individual positions contribute to portfolio performance?
  • Fixed income contribution What impact did interest rate development and credit rating changes have on performance? What proportion was attributable to coupons?
  • Performance attribution Which of the asset manager’s active allocation and stock selection decisions led to outperformance or underperformance relative to the benchmark?
  • Fixed income attribution Was active duration management successful relative to the benchmark?

We also provide many risk-adjusted performance indicators.

Sample Report: Performance contribution