Frankfurt am Main, November 25 2015

GL Funds and Universal-Investment launch new multi-asset fund

The Swiss investment boutique GL Funds and Universal-Investment have announced the launch of the new Galileo Multiple Opportunities UI (DE000A14UVB8). The global multi-asset fund aims to maximise returns by investing flexibly across asset classes with individual asset class exposures ranging from 0 to 100 percent in line with the fund management’s market conviction.


Unconstrained multi-asset strategy with flexible management
Three-step investment process with a successful 20-year track record
Fund management generally invests in eight to 12 investment ideas

Attractive investment opportunities are identified based on a three-step investment process. To this end, the Galileo Multiple Opportunities fund combines its value research with a macro top-down approach and a quantitative multi-factor model. Swiss-based GL Funds AG has successfully implemented this investment process for various products over the last 20 years.
“The new fund is a logical advancement of our flagship Polygon Capital Fund. We have launched this globally diversified fund as a UCITS fund with daily liquidity to respond to our investors’ continuously increasing demands,” says Head of Sales Saskia Bernhardt. A CHF-hedged share class is available specifically for Swiss investors.
The fund management pursues a global approach without any inherent preference for certain asset classes, regions or sectors. The fund typically invests in eight to 12 investment ideas developed based on value research and an assessment of the current global situation. Each of the globally diversified investment ideas is implemented through positions in five to 15 carefully analysed individual securities that are selected using a quantitative multi-factor model.
“In contrast to other multi-asset strategies, GL Funds’ strategy emphasises absolute flexibility in the selection of regions and asset class weightings,” Bernhardt says. For example, the team will also analyse exotic markets such as Vietnam or South Africa when these appear to offer attractive value.
In the current portfolio, Europe is the largest holding with a 20 percent weight, followed by China and oil stocks with 10 percent each. “Our fund offers an attractive investment opportunity for investors looking to participate in the performance of global markets at substantially lower volatility compared to the broad equity market,” Bernhardt says.

Fund data at a glance

Fund name: Galileo Multiple Opportunities UI
Fund partner: GL Funds AG, Erlenbach / Switzerland
Management company: Universal-Investment Gesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt am Main
BVI categorie: Mixed funds
Unit type: Distibution
Performance fee: 15% of the fund’s excess return during the accounting period compared with the previous high at the end of the five preceding accounting periods.

Share class R EUR (Retail)

Fund currency: EUR
Ongoing charges (estimate): 2 % p. a.
Minimum initial investment: None
Effective initial charge: Up to 5 %

Share class R CHF (Retail)

Fund currency: CHF
Ongoing charges (estimate): 2.1 % p. a.
Minimum initial investment: None
Effective initial charge: Up to 5 %

Share class I CHF (Institutional)

Fund currency: CHF
A14UVE / DE000A14UVE2
Ongoing charges (estimate): 1.5 % p. a.
Minimum initial investment: CHF 500.000
Effective initial charge: Currently 0 %

Share class I EUR (Intitutional)

Fund currency EUR
Ongoing charges (estimate): 1.5 % p. a.
Minimum initial investment: EUR 500.000
Effective initial charge: Currently %

About GL Funds AG

GL Funds AG is a partner-led asset management company based in Erlenbach, Switzerland. The company specialises in disciplined investments in global macro ideas based on a value approach. GL Funds AG has been managing retail and institutional assets in its Swiss funds since 1995.
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