London / Frankfurt am Main, March 21 2018

J8 and Universal-Investment launch global absolute return fund

The UK manager J8 Capital Management and German investment company Universal-Investment have launched UI - J8 Global Absolute Return UCITS Fund (ISIN LU1604204054). The subfund implements J8's award-winning global absolute return strategy, a scientifically-backed, systematic and rules-based multi strategy approach focused on momentum and carry as well as value trades. The aim of this multi strategy is to generate attractive returns by trading long as well as short positions, regardless of market conditions.

"The focus of our investment strategy lies exclusively on fixed income, currency and commodity markets and consciously leaves out equity markets. The subfund is therefore ideal as a natural diversifier for equity portfolios", says Dr. Tillmann Sachs, J8's founder, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research. The fund invests in bonds and currencies of G10 countries as well as in commodity markets of the Bloomberg Commodity Index universe. Consideration is also given to ethical and social investment criteria. The risk-weighted portfolio returns are scaled to a target volatility, while the uncorrelated return profile aims to help investors diversify their portfolio risks and even out returns in the long-run.

The subfund is scaled to a target volatility of ten percent and long-term returns are expected between seven and ten percent per annum. The strategy of the subfund has already been trading live and audited for over three years in the J8 Futures Fund (ISIN MT7000006235); as a commitment vis-à-vis investors, management is significantly invested. This offshore fund outperformed the SG-CTA index in all three years, with the excess return versus the index amounting to 17.16 percent (net). 2018 also had a positive start.

J8 and the global absolute return strategy are systematic and market-agnostic which means that trading decisions are not based on opinion or emotion. Nevertheless, the current positioning of the trading model reflects the expectation of further rising interest rates, a weaker US dollar and rising oil prices.


Systematic strategy for liquid global markets

Award-winning strategy already successful with institutional investors

Fund data at a glance

Name of sub fund: UI - J8 Global Absolute Return UCITS Fund
Fund name / SICAV: UI
Portfolio manager: J8 Capital Management LLP, London, United Kingdom
Management company: Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A., Grevenmacher / Luxembourg
Fund category: Other funds
Performance-linked compensation: 15 % (share class R and P) and 10 % (share class F) of the outperformance of the net asset value per share governed by the high water mark (i.e. the highest net asset value per share at the end of a preceding performance period) provided the hurdle rate of 0% p.a. was reached.

Share class: R EUR (hedged) 

ISIN: LU1604204054
Ongoing charges (estimate): 2.33% p. a.
Fund currency: EUR
Subscrition fee: Up to 3.5%
Minimum first investment:  EUR 100

Share class: P USD 

ISIN: LU1604204997
Ongoing charges (estimate): 1.83% p. a.
Fund currency: USD
Subscrition fee: Up to 3.5%
Minimum first investment: USD 1,000,000

Share class: F EUR (hegded) 

ISIN: LU1604203916
Ongoing charges (estimate): 1.33% p. a.
Fund currency: EUR
Subscrition fee: Up to 3.5%
Redemption fee: Up to 2% in the first two years
Minimum first investment:

About J8 Capital Management

The investment manager J8 Capital Management LLP (J8) was founded in 2012 in London. Strong corporate governance, a mature risk management framework and the highest levels of compliance make J8 a sophisticated and trusted partner. J8 offers highly liquid, diversified, uncorrelated and cost efficient systematic investment solutions that focus on capital preservation, attractive risk-adjusted returns and superior diversification benefits. The investment solutions of J8 are derived from empirical observations and economic rationale. They offer efficient portfolio construction, are customizable, scalable and provide daily liquidity. The systematic investment process reduces behavioral bias and operational risk. Backed by rigorous research, scientific strategy development and testing with long data histories, the foundation is laid for greater investment confidence. Dr. Tillmann Sachs is Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research of J8. He is also founder and majority shareholder of J8. Prior to founding J8, Sachs was at Barclays, UBS and AIG in London. He has a Ph.D. in the application of artificial intelligence to risk quantification from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

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