High service quality is confirmed by first-class awards

Competence and tangible quality are also reflected in our awards:

Transparent bull

Rödl & Partner and finanzenverlag awarded us the "Transparent Bull - for investor-friendly transparency and information policy 2019 in the field of ESG reporting".

More information on our ESG reporting.

Transparent Bull

ISAE 3402 certificate

ISAE 3402 is an international auditing standard that regulates the audit of the internal control system of Universal-Investment. We are audited once a year by an auditing company. Addressees of the audit report is our management, our customers and their auditors.

PwC ManCo Survey

According to the latest PwC ManCo Survey"Observatory Management Companies Barometer 2020" , we are once again the largest AIFM-ManCo in Luxemburg; we rank second among Third-Party-ManCos (as of 30th June 2020).

Universal-Investment Luxemburg S.A.

PwC Survey 2020