50 years Universal-Investment

Author: Communications

Our approach is deliberately unconstrained

Author: Lutz Röhmeyer and Timo Lüllau-Mortensen

There is a bigger picture

Author: Stefan Riße and Timo Lüllau-Mortensen

Credit risk free return opportunities

Author: Ulrich von Altenstadrt and Timo Lüllau-Mortensen

The right portfolio buffer

Author: Klaus Blaabjerg and Timo Lüllau

Pure play bank bonds

Author: Julian Krause and Timo Lüllau

Risk-free strategic added value

Author: Tom PAnsegrau and Timo Lüllau

Risk management via overlay management creates room for manoeuvre

Author: Dr. Marc-Christian Heitzer and Manuel Stratmann

Loan funds on the rise

Author: Dr. Sofia Harrschar

“We hold over 500 management discussions each year”

Author: Christoph Benner and Oliver Schnatz, CHOM CAPITAL, and Timo Lüllau

Range of services

For 50 years now, we have been one of the pioneers of the investment sector and, with € 406 billion of assets under administration and around 650 employees, are the largest independent investment company in the German-speaking countries.

For our customers, we are creating clear added value from Frankfurt am Main and Luxembourg, with around 400 asset managers worldwide. A unique offer in Germany. Read more in our company profile .