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Welcome to the UI ChampionsTour

During the UI ChampionsTour, we are jointly presenting six successful strategies from our fund partners with our partner Jürgen Dumschat. The fund managers present their asset management multi-asset / liquid alternative funds to a broad audience of financial professionals.

In 2021, we also presented successful investment concepts from our fund partners. This edition is an exciting online format moderated by Markus Hujara.

The UI ChampionsTour is held in German.
Take the opportunity and look forward to a colorful mix of mutually complementary strategies.

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  • Partner News
    May 2022

    Investing beyond the mainstream

    Is it barely possible for investors to achieve attractive returns from bonds? This might often be the case for treasuries and bunds but not for bonds from emerging and frontier markets. 

    Authors: Henrick Paldynski, Aktia Asset Management Read More
  • News
    April 2022

    New European Real Estate Trainee Program

    Universal Investment has a new offer for graduates who would like to work as real estate professionals in the future: the "European Real Estate Trainee Program"! The programme, which was co-developed by young talents, builds on our proven trainee programme.

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  • Kevin Parker
    Partner News
    March 2022

    The next generation of asset managers

    Many asset managers analyse the fundamentals of the companies they plan to include in their investment portfolios. Fund manager Kevin Parker adopts a completely different approach at his New York City-based fund boutique Sustainable Insight Capital Management (SICM). Instead, SICM studies the analyses of more than 10,000 research analysts.
    Author: Read More