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A glimpse behind the scenes of fund management

Fund partners in focus

Our exclusive video format "fund partners in focus" provides a glimpse behind the scenes

We introduce our fund partners in a relaxed and informal setting during an on-site visit. Get to know them from a new angle: who are these bright minds in fund management? What's behind their recipe for success? And what's their investment strategy?

Look forward to joining us on our visit.

fund partners in focus

HeyMontrusco: Who stands behind Montrusco Bolton?

HeyMontrusco: Who are the bright minds behind the quality growth investor?

They have such diverse skillsets, life experiences and academic backgrounds, they talk things through, and follow their convictions - ultimately, they draw their best investment ideas from three sources: the team diversity and the rich dialogues they have together, their interactions with the management teams of the companies, colleagues, family, and friends, and finally their openness and the passion which drives their lives. For Montrusco's global equity team, Montreal is the perfect city: besides its financial hub, it offers room for independent minds and innovative ideas.

HeyMontrusco: Growth potential and quality are the decisive investment criteria 

“Growth would be awesome if we had an infinite number of Earths." – says Jean David Meloche, Head of Global Equities, Montrusco Bolton. Whenever the team interacts with management teams, sustainability must come up. They like to seek companies that have various entry: big moats, structural advantages, and even structural growth drivers. They are looking for companies that are leading the change in their industry or participating in that change. Pricing power is also very important to them. To make the right decision as a team, the global equity team is focusing on not being swayed by emotion and openly dealing with mistakes and learn from them.

HeyMontrusco: ESG requires a rethink

Montrusco Bolton manages a concentrated high-conviction portfolio whose securities are closely screened for ESG criteria. They tend to hold 28 to 40 global names and they reduce risk through ESG analysis and monitoring. The investment team is convinced that investing in sustainability does not mean sacrificing investment returns, and that honesty and transparency can create successful long-term partnerships.

fund partners in focus

HeiAktia: Who stands behind Aktia? 

HeiAktia: The Nordic team spirit of Aktia's Emerging Markets Debt team

The DNA is about being different and looking at the same thing from different angles. Whether karaoke, painting or a drink on Friday night – Aktia’s team consists of eight individual characters who complement each other in a unique way. It is the curiosity to discover and try new things that makes up the team spirit and lets them grow together.

HeiAktia: Who is behind Aktia?

Investing in emerging markets – what drives the EMD team of Aktia personally and where does this passion come from? Has this passion always been deeply rooted, is it the macro perspective on these countries or the childhood dream of being a globetrotter? Henrik Paldynski, Ulla Huotari and Kaj Paulamäki give a personal insight into what drives them, what makes emerging markets special for them and which advantages Helsinki offers, away from the financial hotspots, to make the best investment decisions.

HeiAktia: The view on the world

Frontier and emerging markets: own future, own economies, own drivers. They have to deal with different preconditions and challenges than developed countries. For the Aktia team ESG criteria play a fundamental part in the investment process. The portfolio managers Timo Leinonen, Juuso Atrila and Mikko Kuisma therefore look at the growth story behind these countries. For them the right way is to make own decisions and take the right steps for the best possible development.

fund partners in focus

HejMaj: Who stands behind Maj Invest?

HejMaj: Who are the people behind Maj Invest?

The three team members - Kurt Kara, Ulrik Jensen and Rasmus Quist Pedersen - successfully manage Maj Invest Global Value Equities, which stands out for its highly-structured and consistently-implemented investment process.
The three managers’ recipe for success is based on a strong team spirit and good dynamics. Each team member makes his own unique contribution.

HejMaj: Fund managers behind the scenes

What is key for a value investor’s job and what does it have in common with gardening? Kurt Kara, Ulrik Jensen and Rasmus Quist Pedersen, fund managers at Maj Invest, discuss the qualities that make a good fund manager as well as the most important factors for them in investing.
The three-member team is responsible for Maj Invest Global Value Equities, which stands out for its highly-structured and consistently-implemented investment process.

What does value mean?

A normal working day in the life of a value investor at Maj Invest. Kurt Kara, Ulrik Jensen and Rasmus Quist Pedersen, fund managers at Maj Invest Global Value Equities, describe how they use in-depth analysis to decide which horse to place their bets on. In addition they explain what the word value means to them.

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