Start: 21.01.2021

ChampionsCall with Aktia

DateStart: 21.01.2021 - End: 21.01.2021
LocationWebinar / Universal-Investment


2020 has been exceptional in many ways for all investors and asset managers. In spring 2020 the main focus in Emerging and Frontier Markets was on the availability of funding as well as different sources of funding. Recently the presidential elections in the US and the progress regarding the Corona vaccine rollout, have made investors more optimistic for the year 2021. Aktia partly shares this optimism but at the same time still sees a lot of uncertainty in the global financial markets. Regarding Emerging Markets, Aktia still considers country selection to be a key element for performance. Aktia’s portfolio managers believe there will be significant differences between individual countries through-out the Emerging Market sovereign asset classes.

Jetro Siekkinen and Tomi Suonpää, Aktia Asset Management, at the next UI-ChampionsCall, 21.01.2021, 3pm. Follow their thoughts and views on the Emerging Market Debt asset class for 2021.

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Legal notice: Please note that this webinar is aimed exclusively at professional investors and is not intended for private clients.