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Universal Investment launches Pella’s first investment strategy in Europe

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13. February 2023

Luxembourg / Sydney

  • Fund inception
  • Retail funds

  • The UI I – Pella Global Securities Sustainable Fund pursues the three objectives of outperformance relative to its benchmark, lower volatility, and superior sustainability to the benchmark.
  • The fund management applies an ESG strategy which has been successful since 2005
  • UI subsidiary CAPinside will support Pella with digital marketing solutions

Universal Investment announces the launch of the Pella Global Securities Sustainable fund (LU2564817075) in Europe as part of the UI I umbrella fund. Universal Investment’s partnership with Pella Funds Management is its first cooperation with an Australian asset manager and offers investors access to Pella's expertise which they have been applying successfully in ESG strategies since 2005. In addition of acting as fund service platform, Universal Investment supports Pella with digital marketing expertise delivered by UI subsidiary CAPinside.

The fund focuses on three objectives: outperformance, lower volatility, and superior sustainability to the respective benchmark. For the last 17 years, Pella has met these objectives with the fund's Australian version across various market environments. It is a Global Equity GARP fund with a strong focus on Responsible Investments and ESG and implements a strict valuation discipline. The strategy will only seek companies with superior long-term growth prospects and will only buy when valuations are attractive.

To meet the sustainability goals, Pella combines ESG requirements with a negative screen and carbon intensity targets. This is delivered using proprietary and external research and applying quantitative screens and qualitative research. Pella participates in all its investments’ shareholder votes and takes an active approach to improve its investments’ ESG credentials.

Jordan Cvetanovski, Pella’s Chairman and CIO said: “We are incredibly pleased with the partnership. Universal Investment and CAPinside are market leaders and I am confident that their distribution and administration capabilities combined with Pella’s expertise will result in a remarkable success.”

Dirk Grosshans, Director of Sales at Universal Investment: “We are proud to welcome Pella as our first Australian asset manager on our UCITS platform and to add an interesting global ESG investment strategy to the German and European investment universe!”

About Pella Funds Management

Pella Funds Management specialises in Responsible Investing. Pella targets delivering consistent and sustainable returns for its investors while avoiding harm to the world. Since 2005, Pella's investment process has consistently delivered outperformance across all market environments.


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