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CAPinside solves the matching crisis in the German investment market

Author: Markus Hujara, CAPinside

A “perfect match” after an extensive search: in summer 2020, Universal-Investment acquired the online platform CAPinside. Universal-Investment will thus create wide-ranging distribution opportunities for fund initiators. Universal-Investment also plans to develop relevant service offerings for institutional investors. CAPinside clients will themselves have direct accessto a broad range of services at Universal-Investment. The following article explains why the two companies complement each other and what goals they have set themselves.

Philipp Schröder, Co-Founder and CEO, CAPinside Source: CAPinside

The key challenge in fund marketing is to attract the attention of potential fund investors and to generate qualified leads for further marketing efforts. The 50 employees at CAPinside have addressed exactly this problem. The Hamburg-based fintech platform uses a data-driven approach to help fund initiators find and implement efficient marketing and sales strategies. “CAPinside solves the matching crisis in the German investment market by providing a digital platform for fund marketing and sales initiation,” explains Co-Founder and CEO Philipp Schröder. ”We connect intermediaries such as financial advisors, fund-of-fund managers and family offices with asset managers and fund initiators via our platform. The market has reacted positively. CAPinside has won clients including fund initiators, fund boutiques as well as leading global asset managers with their innovative and exclusive investment stories which are marketed with the help of CAPinside.

A one-stop shop for fund initiators and investors

Once registered, CAPinside users express an interest in specific news or investment vehicles, they then receive an individual news stream with high-quality editorial content and product information: relevance instead of information overload. "CAPinside thereby helps intermediaries find tailored information for themselves and for their investors - including on specific products - as well as helping them to make investment decisions," explains Co-Founder and Managing Director Achim Denkel. Fund initiators can see in real time via the CAPinside dashboard how well marketing measures (e.g., articles, videos or podcasts) or a product have been received. The number of clicks an article generates and who has shown interest in it forms a strong base for a targeted marketing and distribution campaign. “Fund initiators can then invite the relevant people to events or webinars. They can also adapt and steer their campaign in a dynamic way.”

Expanding networking between fund initiators and intermediaries

CAPinside provides a digital B2B platform that connects intermediaries such as IFAs with asset managers and fund initiators.

Philipp Schröder

"CAPinside provides a digital B2B platform that connects intermediaries such as IFAs with asset managers and fund initiators. In the coming months, we also plan to invest significantly into providing our fund initiators with targeted cooperation opportunities. This will enable promising fund concepts to reach a broad range of investor groups," says Katja Müller, CCO of Universal-Investment. The CAPinside offering has already attracted the attention of institutional investors and is therefore also set to be expanded. "We provide, for example, exclusive investment stories to future-oriented investment managers. These stories, amongst other things, also provide access to digital investments," says Denkel. CAPinside has more than 20,000 registered users. The first wave of the coronavirus had one positive impact on the company. “Meetings, conferences and events were cancelled. Remote workers were  particularly grateful for the high-quality, tailored content from their sector. In February and March 2020 alone, we recorded more than 2,000 new registrations,” says Schröder.

“We are open to all asset managers”

And what about the independence of CAPinside? The platform’s two co-founders and Micha Grüber, the third CAPinside managing director, will remain at the helm of the company and continue to be owner stakeholders. Universal-Investment has appointed Dr. Jürgen Sehnert, Head of Strategy and Product Governance, as the platform’s fourth managing director. "CAPinside continues to be an independent platform that is also open to asset managers who are not affiliated with Universal-Investment,” says Schröder. All product comparisons remain absolutely neutral. "There will be no favourable or less favourable positioning of individual providers even in the algorithms that drive the news."

(published March 2021) 

Author: Markus Hujara, CAPinside
Date of issue: 6/7/2021