The successful business model of Universal-Investment

Universal-Investment is pursuing a clear strategic goal

We aim to become the leading european funds service platform for all asset classes and therefore will increase our assets under management up to 500 billion euro until 2023.

We are on the right path reaching our goals

The foundation for our success story is our truly unique business model with main focus on "Master-KVG", which ensures our market leadership in the master funds and private label funds business.

As a full service partner we offer our target groups the whole range of our 360 degree competence business model for

Institutional investors

Funds initiators and

Business process outsourcer

in Germany and Europe customized solutions of our three product units Securities (Master-KVG, Private-Label-Funds), Alternative Investments (Real Estate and Real Assets) and Portfolio Management including rule-based investment strategies.

In doing so, we consequently utilize the whole range of available investment vehicles for all asset classes and countries – from funds-, securities- and real-estate-administration up to structured alternative asset classes.

By strictly excluding an active asset management, we are consequently avoiding conflicts of interest. Since we are an independ platform, we are able to offer comprising and high-quality consultancy services without any duties  to fulfill any particuar holding or company policies. We are visibly prooving this for e.g. with our long-term cooperations with over 30 custodians.

Universal-Investment Business Model

Our operative framework

Our Operating Model enables a focused and fast growth by clear management structures including a c-level and management board, a unified customer front-end ("one-face-to-the-customer") as well as integrated product units.

A mature core-admin-platform guarantees an efficient and scalable busines process. In addition, centres of expertise, like for e.g. tax, legal or risk-controlling are ensuring a systematical utilization of our know-how and expertise.

Business partner such as HR, Finance and IT are supporting the operative units effectively. Our platform in Luxembourg is completely integrated into the organisiation and those units.

Decentralized responsibilities are ensuring a fast processing and realisation of projects.

Universal-Investment Operating Model