In our video interview series "ChampionsView", selected fund partners talk about their successful strategies and funds.

ChampionsView: Absalon Capital
Emerging market bonds deliver attractive returns

The Danish fund boutique Absalon Capital has a clear focus: corporate bonds. As a very active bond manager, the Absalon team around bond professional Klaus Blaabjerg relies on a benchmark-independent bottom-up approach for two very successful funds: ABSALON - Global High Yield (ISIN LU1138630139) and ABSALON - EM Corporate Debt (ISIN LU1138630725) . In Universal-Investment's ChampionsView series, fund manager Sune Jensen talks about the investment philosophy of Absalon Capital and why he believes in corporate bonds from emerging markets despite Trump and the strong US dollar and why these could increasingly decouple from government bonds.

You can find the recording of the ChampionsView on our YouTube channel .