Frankfurt am Main, July 2 2018

ACATIS and Universal-Investment join forces to chart a new course

ACATIS and Universal-Investment have reorganised their long-standing collaboration. ACATIS will take over the management of the mutual funds that have so far been launched in the context of the current collaboration through a separate and newly-established financial investment management company.

The mutual funds will be transferred gradually starting in September.The two firms will nevertheless continue to work together closely. ACATIS focuses on portfolio and risk management. For all other processes, ACATIS will continue to rely on Universal-Investment in the context of a sourcing mandate. The long-standing partnership between ACATIS and Universal-Investment began way back in 1997 with the launch of the ACATIS AKTIEN GLOBAL FONDS. In the future, ACATIS will directly manage eleven funds with a volume of more than EUR 4 billion on the basis of the Universal-Investment administration platform.

“Since the time we launched our first value fund,Universal-Investment has been an important partner as we grew into a leading value manager. Therefore we welcome the opportunity to expand this positive partnership and jointly raise it to a new level.The establishment of a separate financial investment management company provides us with an opportunity to bundle our funds on our own platform,” explains Dr. Hendrik Leber, Managing Partner of ACATIS. It is also the reason why, in the course of building the new platform, the company was renamed ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH. “Accordingly, more responsibility will be concentrated at ACATIS in the future, which is also in line with our increased size (currently EUR 5.1 billion assets under management),” continues Dr.Hendrik Leber. “We have enjoyed a successful collaborative relationship with ACATIS for more than 20 years, and we welcome the opportunity to continue to support the company on its growth course as a sourcing partner, as confirmed by the performance of our efficient administration platform. The sourcing business plays an important role in ourstrategy and our goal to become the leading European fund service platform for all asset classes,” says Bernd Vorbeck, CEO of Universal-Investment. “We will continue to use our entire professional and technical expertise to support growth at ACATIS in the new structure.”

Universal-Investment continues to grow and is expanding its insourcing activities

In the last 12 months alone, the sourcing business, for which Universal-Investment renders services ranging from fund accounting to front end services for other financial investment management companies, asset managers or insurance companies, grew by more than 40 percent to EUR 71 billion. The business with fund initiators and institutional investors also continues to grow. Within the year, Universal-Investment was able to increase assets under management by EUR 69 billion to currently EUR 381 billion.


ACATIS establishes a separate financial investment management company

Eleven funds with a volume of more than EUR 4 billion

Universal-Investment will continue to assist its long-standing partner in the capacity of sourcing partner


ACATIS Investment is an independent asset manager without a bank affiliation that uses the approach of
"Value Investing" based on Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. The company was established in Frankfurt
am Main in 1994. Today, ACATIS manages a number of investment funds, including equity, balanced and bond
funds, as well as mandates. Four of the funds also pursue a sustainability strategy, while another four funds
use tools from artificial intelligence. The flagship fund ACATIS Aktien Global Fonds was already launched in
1997, and its value has grown more than six-fold since that time. ACATIS is owned and managed by its three managing partners Dr. Hendrik Leber (portfolio management), Dr. Claudia Giani-Leber (marketing) and Faik Yargucu (sales).

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