Frankfurt / Berlin, March 22 2021

Universal-Investment and YUKKA Lab develop ESG sentiment analyses

The Berlin-based fintech YUKKA Lab and the fund services platform Universal-Investment are launching a joint cooperation on sentiment analysis for sustainable investments, or ESG for short. The aim is to support fund initiators, asset managers and institutional investors with new service products for their ESG investments in the future. "Sustainability is currently becoming a basic parameter in the construction and management of portfolios and funds. Until now, however, investors and asset managers have been heavily reliant on ESG ratings, which are useful but only reflect the past. In the future, we will be able to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help our clients make informed investment decisions more quickly," said Michael Reinhard, CEO of the Universal Investment Group.

A prototype that performs ESG sentiment analyses with a focus on CO2 emissions is already successfully in test operation. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), YUKKA Lab's software analyses up to 500,000 articles a day from over 100,000 online sources worldwide to extract relevant information on the current ESG status of listed companies. The focus is on financial and business news. The AI-based ESG sentiment analyses are intended to provide institutional investors, fund initiators and asset managers with granular information and forecasts for their investment decisions in real time. This will enable them, for example, to avoid stocks that show increased sustainability risks.

In the beta phase, which has already begun, the prototype will be developed into a minimum viable product. In dialogue with customers, the greatest possible customer benefit is being worked out. In addition, Universal-Investment is using the knowledge gained to work on a new ESG risk module, which makes sustainability risks transparent.

First prototype built for ESG sentiment analyses with focus on CO2 emissions

Faster investment decisions based on real-time data instead of retrospective ratings

Further expansion of the service range for institutional investors, fund initiators and asset managers planned

YUKKA Lab maps sentiment and volume of coverage on listed companies in real time, such as Boeing here.

Since 2017, YUKKA Lab has been successfully developing its augmented language intelligence for systematic topic and trend recognition from financial and economic news based on natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

"We are very excited about the cooperation with Universal-Investment. With our market-leading Augmented Language Intelligence, we can deliver the news analytics components needed for sustainable capital investments with precision. Especially in today's fast-moving times, news-based analyses in real time are a decisive advantage. The classic indicators are often too slow. We see great potential here and are proud to be able to make our contribution to this important topic," said Andreas Pusch, CEO and founder of YUKKA Lab.

"YUKKA Lab is an ideal partner for us to strengthen our innovative power also through cooperations and to support our customers with innovative solutions. High-quality sentiment analyses in combination with ESG and other alternative data offer a lot of potential, which we have put on our innovation agenda from the very beginning," commented Daniel Andemeskel, Head of Innovation Management at Universal-Investment.

The company is systematically expanding cooperations, most recently with Scope Analysis. As clients of Universal-Investment, fund initiators thus gain efficient access to the rating agency's range of services. In addition, the fund administrator and ManCo is further expanding its product range, for example in the area of ESG reporting. Another building block is investment in strategic acquisitions, such as UI labs at the beginning of 2019 and CAPinside as well as Metzler Ireland most recently.

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YUKKA Lab a technology leader in the field of Augmented Language Intelligence and context-based sentiment analysis analyzes over +500k licensed and public news articles per day from over +150k global news sources. The solution extracts sentiment, volume trends and events for companies and turns them into actionable scores for ESG, Risk & Investment Management. Providing experts with a structured real-time overview of the relevant news trends as well as surfacing outliers and upcoming risks that need to be watched. YUKKA Lab is the thought leader when it comes to turning unstructured news content into actionable scores and signals. Their Berlin based A-Team units 17 experts from different domains like NLP, Machine Learning, Quant Modelling and AI pushing the boundaries on how companies work with real-time news data to gain a competitive advantage.

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