New York / Frankfurt am Main, September 14 2017

Keppler Asset Management transfers flagship funds to Universal-Investment

The New York asset manager Keppler Asset Management is to transfer the SICAV fund platform Global Advantage Funds with its two flagship sub-funds with total assets of EUR 170m to Universal-Investment.

The SICAV encompasses the two sub-funds Emerging Markets High Value (ISIN LU0047906267) and Major Markets High Value (ISIN LU0044747169). Universal-Investment successfully gained the mandate to manage the funds in a selection process.

The Emerging Markets High Value invests globally in emerging market equities using a long-term, value-oriented active market and stock selection process based on comprehensive quantitative fundamental analyses. Both the Global Advantage Major Markets High Value and the Global Advantage Emerging Markets High Value have outperformed their benchmark indices this year as well as in the last twelve months and since launch with below average risk of loss. The main focus of the allocation in the emerging markets sub-fund currently lies on China, Korea and Taiwan. In the current sector allocation, overweight positions have been given to the financial sector, real estate and utilities. With a comparable strategy, the Major Markets High Value focuses on the markets of the industrialized nations, with Italy, Norway, Austria and the USA currently accounting for the largest country positions. Here, too, the financial sector is strongly overweighted. As value manager, Keppler pursues a "Margin of Safety" concept in its investment philosophy. For Keppler Asset Management, active market selection is more important than active stock picking.


Two sub-funds with total assets of EUR 170m

Both sub-funds have been delivering excess returns since their launch in 1993

Universal-Investment's fund platform remains on course for expansion

Keppler Asset Management has purposefully decided to seek a new administration partner for managing the flagship SICAV. "We are convinced that Universal-Investment is the right partner for us with its high-performance fund platform, experienced experts and company independence", says Michael Keppler, Founder and President of Keppler Asset Management. Keppler founded the company in the early 1990s and expanded it to become an internationally successful equity fund manager.

"We are very pleased to have gained Keppler Asset Management as a new, important partner for our expanding fund platform", says Bernd Vorbeck, Chief Executive Officer of Universal-Investment. With assets und administration now worth some EUR 317bn, Universal-Investment is one of the fastest growing investment companies in the German speaking region. "We also always attribute our success to successful partners such as Keppler Asset Management", Vorbeck continues. In the meantime, more than 550 mutual funds from more than 200 partners are managed on the mutual fund platform. The partners range from wealth managers across highly specialized investment boutiques to internationally operating asset managers for whom Universal-Investment also sets up efficient fund structures via the Luxembourg platform so that they can also distribute at international level.

The subfund data at a glance

SICAV: Global Advantage Funds

Fund advisor: Keppler Asset Management Inc., New York / USA
Management Company: Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A., Grevenmacher / Luxembourg
Funds currency: EUR
Dividend type: Accumulating
Subscription charge: Up to 5 %
Performance linked compensation: None

Subfund: Emerging Markets High Value

WKN / ISIN: Share class A 972996 / LU0047906267 – Share class I A1W5LC / LU0972633704
Ongoing charges: Share class A 1,79 % p. a. – Share class I 1,24 % p. a.

Subfund: Major Markets High Value

WKN / ISIN: Share class A 972580 / LU0044747169
Ongoing charges: Share class A 1,41 % p. a.

Michael Keppler, Keppler Asset Management Source: Keppler Asset Management

About Keppler Asset Management Inc.

Keppler Asset Management Inc., founded by Michael Keppler in 1992, is an SEC–registered investment advisory firm dedicated to active quantitative portfolio strategies for finding and exploiting investment opportunities in the global equity markets. Based in New York, the company advises institutional investors worldwide in value-oriented equity funds with total assets of about 1.5 billion US dollars.

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