Portfolio Management – Overlay Management

Staying on track with Overlay Management

Each investor has his own unique investment strategy and his own unique approach to strategic asset allocation (SAA) and, thus, his own preferred driving style. The Portfolio Management team has competently, professionally and successfully steered overlay mandates on the ideal line for the last 18 years, using a tailored overlay approach proven in diverse market environments. Overlay concepts are available specifically as FX Overlay, as well as in modular form as Risk Overlay and Risk OverlayPLUS. Overlay mandates under management total 42.15 billion euros (as of June 2021).

In order to stabilise the portfolio performance, Universal-Investment provides a comprehensive management of equity-, interest-rate-, currency- and spread-related (optional) risks, using derivatives in a separate overlay sub-segment. As a Master KVG, Universal-Investment has an overview of the fund, including, for example, its FX exposure.

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