Universal Investment takes the lead as the largest third-party ManCo and third-party AIFM in Luxembourg


09. June 2023

The 2023 Observatory for Management Companies (ManCos), an annual barometer published by PwC Luxembourg, highlights Luxembourg’s unwavering position as a thriving fund hub. Despite a decrease in assets under management (AuM) on regulated products since 2022, the publication reveals an impressive surge of 25% in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), affirming Luxembourg’s leadership in real assets. Furthermore, a promising 54% of the AuM managed by Luxembourg ManCos are sustainable investment compliant, with projections estimating a rise to 64% over the next 24 months.


In the 2023 report, Universal Investment, a key player and trusted partner in the Luxembourg fund sector, once again receives significant recognition by claiming the top position in two categories:

  • Largest Third-Party ManCo with AuM of EUR 118.9 bn
  • Largest Third-Party Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) with AuM of EUR 102.2 bn

Katja Mueller, Chief Customer Officer of Universal Investment Group, says: “Universal Investment Group continues its success trajectory in Luxembourg. Our assets in Luxembourg have increased to about EUR 120 bn, showcasing our ability to navigate complex markets. For us as a Super ManCo, the fund hub Luxembourg is, along with Ireland, pivotal to providing our clients a full range of best-in-class services to drive their success.”

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